Teen Chastity Belt FAQ

What is a chastity belt?

A chastity belt is any device designed to prevent sexual intercourse. Chastity Belts usually have a lock and a key, the idea being that the teenager (or other person) without the key doesn’t have to worry about being physically pure, they will be anyway. There are many varieties; so here is what I mean when I refer generically to a chastity belt. When I speak of a chastity belt, I mean not just belt-like devices but also chastity tubes and the like.  Because only some chastity devices also prevent masturbation, when I refer to chastity belts I mean devices that prevent both intercourse and masturbation, unless otherwise noted.

How are Chastity Belts different for guys and girls?

Because of the differences in anatomy, chastity belts for guys and girls are different.

Chastity Belts for Teen Girls almost always have an actual belt-like strap that goes around the waist. This is the only way to prevent access to a girl’s genital area for obvious reasons. Most chastity belts for teen girls are of the same basic design; they differ in the materials and exact construction, so some are more comfortable than others. All chastity belts that are designed for long-term usage have hygiene in mind, and make allowance for a girl’s keeping herself clean.

Chastity Belts for Teen Guys are completely different. There are full belt-type devices for guys, but they are less common than other styles. Chastity tubes are much more popular because they are less invasive. A chastity tube consists of a test tube like thing that fits over the guy’s penis; often attached to a ring that goes behind his testicles and penis, making it impossible to remove the tube. Another benefit is that it can hurt to have an erection while wearing one, which helps with keeping the teenager’s thoughts pure.

How long can you wear one?

It depends on the design of the device, many are designed to be worn 24/7 and so their designs accommodate using the restroom and for girls; their periods. It is entirely possible to wear one for long periods of time. Those that are designed for continual use are not excessively uncomfortable and the inherent inconveniences can be minimal once you’ve gotten used to it


Will anyone be able to see it?

If it fits properly, again, it depends on design. But no, they probably won’t. That doesn’t mean that you can wear a bikini or Speedos with one and not be noticed either. What can’t you wear?  Since, for teen girls, chastity belts go around the waist; no really tight jeans, shorts, or dresses. If you’re already committed to modesty anyway that is no problem. And yes, you can definitely wear pants with a chastity belt. For teen guys; chastity tubes are usually pretty much unnoticeable all around unless you’re wearing those Speedos (Ha, Ha, Ha, etc.) and maybe not even then.

So, why chastity belts then and for who?

For whom!!! I think those who should primarily be considering the use of chastity belts are teenagers. I am definitely not talking about forcing anyone. Chastity belts ought to be regarded as a help and not a hindrance to Christians (though not us only) who want to avoid some specific temptations and so doing be more faithful to God. In our selfish, materialistic societies, I don’t think we don’t realize just how bad our sins really are. We forget the blood-drenched savior hanging on a cross with the full weight of the wrath of God upon him. In his body, he suffered all that to give us righteousness. Aren’t we willing to require that our genitals serve him; and be proactive about holiness when we can’t stop sexual sin at the second it starts?


Isn’t the chastity belt used as a fetish and in other bizarre ways?

It is true that some people do use chastity belts in definitely unchristian ways. Ways that are often antithetical to God’s ideals.  But does that mean that we can’t use them with a righteous motive? The chastity belt is just a piece of metal or plastic, it’s all really about our hearts. And if we’re having trouble with this type of sin; can’t we see we must avoid it at all costs? So many great men and women of God have been destroyed by sexual weakness. If sinners use chastity belts for evil, let’s sanctify them together TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

Why are you doing this?

I have no greater purpose than to raise awareness of this option. And that’s all it is. If any parents and teenagers are equipped by this information here; it is worth it. This is no gimmick, I don’t make any money on this, I do this because I want to and think it’s part of the solution for Christian teenager’s struggles for purity in this fallen world. If you are not having problems with physical sexual temptation (as opposed to mental temptation) be grateful and thank God right now! I have no higher hopes for myself and all who God, in His Providence, has stumble upon this page and are convicted to take more seriously sin; in general and perhaps their sexual sin in particular.

Be strong, even strong enough to admit you can’t handle your body by yourself (no one can).

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